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Features Over assets Reverse crosses Time frames: Contact the seller - opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location. Pair Symbol and max number of positions. They take existing indicators and reverse engineer them. M1 , the narrowest of the monetary aggregates, contains the following:

Forex Strategy M1 / M5 RSG System is based on the signals of only two simple indicators Forex: EMA and MACD, but using them several times and on different time frames, we will be getting quite good trading signals for transactions on small intervals, namely M1 and M5.

A Comparison of ThinkMarkets vs. vs.

Dealbook has a few things going for it. However, it is a slow and clunky platform. I like 8 hour charts — more or less 1 session for 1 candle. I love the one session per candle thing too….

Finally an 8hr on the MT4 — thanks heaps Nick. You can save your charts in different profile names: I tried what I thought u meant without success. I saved h8 with EU for instance and wanted to open the h8 template on a new GU. The candles is not updating. Does anyone has the solution? I think you have to maintain the chart you used to open the H8 chart eg. Hi, tried that but no update. What I did was open a pair chart comes up MT4 original chart. Go to File and Open Offline and select the pair H8.

As time go by, the H8 is not updating. Am I doing something wrong. To know if the period converter is saved in your MT4 template: How do I add the indicator to my custom template? Just found this blog and downloaded the indicator. My platform is stuck. How do I get rid off the offline window? Nothing is working when I click. Nothing seems to be working like Jerry said. How do we go around this problem.

I did not create this indicator, I just shared it. I am not sure how to help. I suggest you move away from MT4. Can you help me with getting the mouse on each bar to show OHLC and have the ability to draw lines and erase them easily?

This was all available easily on each chart on the Saxo programme which also had custom charts and standard including 8 hour. There is no reliable way to get 8hr candles on MT4. MT4 is ten year old technology that should have been phased out five years ago. However, crappy as it is, MT4 has managed to become the standard platform for most mid to low level retail traders like me and you.

I dislike MT4, I was not a fan of it when it was released, and I hate it even more now. I would suggest that you get your charting somewhere else if you want the modern features you asked for. Would anyone tell me if this has something to do with some programming issue that needs to be modified.

In the indicator Properties, click on the Common tab Next to the Input tab. It Then you need to open the offline chart which is prepared to be watched one time, unless you uncheck the offline checkbox in properties. And if you save the set of opened charts in a profile, the charts will not reload when you open the profile!

What a wonderful, impressive feature set!! Check out the post date, I posted this in late , just over three years ago. At the time of posting MT4 was still one of the best platforms around….

I do not want more people like you, who do not check post dates, to leave passive aggressive comments. BTW, I can think of a time frame that is not a multiple of one minute, tick charts, and charts that are multiples of one second. I did not created this indicator, I cannot provide support for it. I do not use MT4, I suggest you simply switch to a real trading platform. Using this indicator as a work-around to get basic time frames on a decade old platform is no longer needed. This post is pretty old.

I am not sure if it works anymore. I would switch to a real trading platform, MT4 is not that great. How do I get it to show me the live active market for this chart? How do I fix this? I am using MT4 version 4, Build This post is three years old, I did not create this indicator, I only shared it.

I do not use MT4, it is ten year old technology which makes it outdated and outclassed by modern technology. Even though MT4 is updated regularly, its core is still 10 years old. And, in the world of software development, 10 years old is very old. I use tradingview because it utilizes modern technology. This allows me to use tools that are far beyond the capabilities of MT4, and even of MT5. Also, tradingview is browser based so I can access my charts from anywhere with my smartphone. Sorry to turn this into a rant… but it becomes tiring to see how many millions of traders are still using crappy MT4, when there is a world of better platforms out there.

Thanx for this article. It ll help me a lot… So i want to Hartley thanx to you for all this… Thanx a lot. I suggest you find a better platform. I use TradingView because it utilizes modern technology. Also, TradingView is browser based so I can access my charts from anywhere with my smartphone. Before trading on seconds timeframes, what about backtest on them? It has no sense to use any EA on seconds TF without any backtest optimization on history data before. Watch out my thread here https: In that way we will be able to push Tickstory Developer Team to add this fundamental feature in the next update.

TradingView has a lot of cool features. They offer live trade ability using one of 2 brokers they are connected with. Does anyone here live trade with TradingView? I like this post, enjoyed this one thanks for posting. MetaTrader 5 is fine but did you realize that the app version, say on an iPad, does not have the special time frames included. Basically, it looks just like MT4, wtf??? I am having a lot of trouble with these custom time frames. I like you love 8 hour charts and have found them to yield an incredibly high win rate in back testing.

I opened an 8 hour time frame profile and opened every pair in an 8 hour time frame chart keeping the original 1 hour charts running in the background so that the period converter indicator could remain running. However, when I change profiles to go trade say my 4 hour profile or 1 day profile…. There MUST be a way around this. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Have you tried contacting MT4 support? They know their platform way better than I do so they should be able to help you.

I watched some youtube movies and I saw that in the TF is not standard one. Can you please let me know how you did it? Looking For Awesome Trades? Click Here to Join! December 6, at 5: December 8, at 2: December 6, at 7: December 6, at 8: December 6, at 9: December 6, at Italy Inflation Rate Revised Down to 1.

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Signals of trading M1 is a template trend momentum for scalping on 1 min time frame the strategy is based on indicators of the trend as moving averages and Parabolic Sar MTF but there are lso support and resistances lines and to have more robust signals I . Forex Enigma is a scalping tool, created for trading on M1 and M5 timeframes. The indicator is extremely simple - arrows appear on the chart, you need to trade in their direction. The authors, despite the small timeframe, say about profits of about points from the deal. I would like to share this 'Forex M5 High Profits Scalping System' with you and also hope that we can start helping each other to make this system even more.