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Take Alflorex daily for at least 4 weeks to prime the gut and continue to use on a daily basis as part of a healthy lifestyle. I have tried 5 I think: Potent Cannabidiol For Anxiety? View all Sexual Health. He has a lot more energy and his colour is so much better.

Precision Science for Your Health. Precision Cultures for Targeted Action. Over 17 years ago, our scientists began researching thousands of live bacterial cultures (also known as probiotics) together with experts from one of the world's leading centres of microbiome research.

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We're often asked why our products contain only 1 or 2 types of bacteria, instead of a mix of 5 or even 10 types. As scientists, we know that mixing multiple bacterial cultures does not guarantee that each will retain its properties or that different cultures will even complement each other. Different cultures behave in different ways and may even have competing effects. It is the specific culture of bacteria and how that culture interacts with your unique gut bacteria that determines whether you will notice a difference.

So our focus is on discovering the best bacterial culture for each specific gut action. We put each through a rigorous series of tests, culminating in clinical trials in the UK and Europe.

We then produce a pure formulation, with no added bulk yoghurt cultures nor c ultures of animal origin as they are not native to the human gut. The selected bacterial culture in each of our products is also stable at room temperature and does not need refrigeration.

I would have very frequent panic attacks in situations I felt I couldn't easily escape from if I was having a flare-up. Scarlett, Scarlett London Blog. These were unique symptoms that I had never come across before. It was extreme debilitating abdominal pain and then all sorts of bowel symptoms. I can literally eat whatever I want and it will not trigger any of my symptoms Zoe. Zoe Salmon, TV Presenter. We discussed his diet with the GP and he recommended lactose and gluten free but it made no difference.

Within his 1st month on Alflorex, he had firmer stools. He has a lot more energy and his colour is so much better. He is generally healthier. Eight people with digestive issues tried Alflorex for eight weeks hear their stories here. Jennifer O'Connell talks about her experience.

Cordoba, Argentina, Oct The strongest clinical evidence that exists for probiotics is related to their use in improving gut health and stimulating immune function.

Studies investigating the health effects of probiotics have been documented in areas such as inflammatory bowel disease IBD , irritable bowel syndrome IBS , vaginal infections, immune enhancement, atopic eczema, rheumatoid arthritis, and liver cirrhosis. World Gastroenterology Organisation Global Guidelines. Item has been successfully added to your Out Of Stock List. When you set up a user account with our website, the order process is quicker and you can enjoy the many functions of your account, including your wishlist.

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Our Customers Love Us! Click to view complete product details. Testimonials I have been taking Alflorex for nearly two months now. My problem was frequent bouts of diarrhoea and bloating which I had experienced for at least 15 years.

They had got worse in the last year or two. Even after one week taking the product I noticed a huge improvement and it has continued ever since. I can highly recommend Alflorex. What makes Alflorex special? How many bacteria does each capsule of Alflorex contain? How was the dose of Alflorex determined? How long should Alflorex be taken for and what happens when stopped? Are the changes in bowel habits normal in the first few weeks? Is there safety and tolerability data on B.

Are there side effects when taking Alflorex? There are no known side effects when taking Alflorex. When is the best time of day to take Alflorex? Does Alflorex need to be refrigerated? Can the contents of the Alflorex capsule be sprinkled on food or added to a drink? Can Alflorex be taken with fruit juices? Can Alflorex be taken with antibiotics?

Does Alflorex replace the microflora lost during antibiotic therapy? Can Alflorex be taken with alcohol? Can medication be affected by taking Alflorex? No, there are no known interactions with medications. We do not add any ingredients to Alflorex that we expect to contain gluten. Is Alflorex dairy free? Can Alflorex be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding? How do food supplements compare with yoghurts? How does Alflorex compare to other probiotics available in Ireland? Where can Alflorex be purchased?

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Among gastroenterologists who recommended a brand of probiotic in AlphaImpactRx – surveys. Among doctors who recommended a brand of probiotic in AlphaImpactRx survey. O’Mahony et al. Gastroenterology. 2. Whorwell et al. Am J Gastroenterol. Alflorex Precision Biotic; Home; Close Probiotics have been defined as “live microorganisms that confer a health benefit on the host when administered in adequate amounts.”1. Probiotics are increasingly being used and evaluated in the management of digestive balance. However, probiotics are strain specific, and thus different probiotics. What Kind Of Supplement Is Alflorex PrecisionBiotics? According to the manufacturer, Alimentary Health, Alflorex Precision Biotics Review Summary. Probiotics have been scientifically proven to help improve symptoms associated with gastrointestinal health conditions.