Ak47 Zastava NPAP m70 black synthetic furniture.

Very standard A2 buttstock for a more retro look and with storage compartments. I also tested general tightness of everything on the rifle, and I must say I was impressed. I Love this gun but when I took it out I had multiple feeding issues. Sure but you already own it and know it works OK. As it stands now the cover moves and has play in it , at close ranges its not a big deal but as you go back thats how you end up with a 5inch shot group. Tapco and Bulgarian plastic mags do not fit, I think this is plain stupid!!

Aug 13,  · I have both a standard NPAP stock and an m70 (i.e., OPAP) surplus stock - the m70 stock is noticeably smaller. The m76 stock is SIGNIFICANTLY lower (I don't know where you get "marginally"?). I guess it's just up to the shooter.

Zastava n-pap stock options??

Very standard A2 buttstock for a more retro look and with storage compartments. One of the lightest stocks out there but still with tons of strength. What I plan on using in my next competition build. If you really love your current buttstock or really want to save money, you can go ahead with blind pinning and epoxying your buttstock.

Some people even do it on both sides as an extra measure. I detail what I did for a new build here: How to Blind Pin an Adjustable Stock. Something new has come out that swaps out the spring-loaded adjustment pin for something fixed. Strike Industries Stock Stop: The newest thing out…. And slip on your regular stock until it clicks in that hole. Make sure the 2nd to last hole works for you. A post shared by Pew Pew Tactical pewpewtactical on Dec 13, at Want more of our best guns and gear?

Moving to California was the worst decision of my life. Some friends talked me into moving to San Diego. Funny thing is, about a year after I moved here they left haha. I am getting the hell out of this place! San Antonio here we come.

The featureless grip looks retarded. As expected, they had little to no trouble with the gun, with the exception of one friend continually inserting the magazines wrong until shown the proper way. It functioned well with all three types of ammo we ran through it, Tula, Wolf, and Monarch. Three are grouped decently, one was way off. I definitely would recommend this rifle to anyone looking for a nice AK for a nice price.

It shoots smoothly, and is cheap to feed, what more could you want for a day at the range? Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Nov 26, 4. Looks like as soon as the Christmas bonuses come out, I'm going shopping! Hopefully I can find one local. I want an under folder, I've had fixed, side folding, and under folding, which I like the best.

As far as forends go, my favorite is plain old wood, so that works out. In an AK I like simple, just my taste. Nov 26, 5. Tons of brand new ones and used at apex Enjoy!

Nov 26, 6. Nov 26, 7. Nov 29, 8. Nov 29, 9. But alas just the grenade sight. So pros Thicker buldged reciever. Perhaps built a "little" more stout.

The Npap will do you just fine though. Then there are the elusive Opaps which have the thicker reciever yet no granade sights. The M70s can also come with night sights.

My ab2 has just the glob-dot type sights. Some folks are lucky and get the tritium night sights or whatever its called All you gotta do is carefully replace the spent rods with fresh ones and you have some bright bubblegum night sights.

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npap stock options. yugo Just got a new M70 n-pap options don't care for the stock, to stock. I can take it off and belt sand it thinner but wondering what other stocks will fit this gun. I don't think standard AK stocks will fit this platform. I was a private contractor in Iraq for a stock instructing the Iraqi police on the AK47 but they. Zastava npap stock options. Yugo npap stock options. N pap m70 stock options / Forex simulator ipad. Manning and Snowden options come out with strong condemnation of Donald Trump leaking classified information to Options. Just got npap new M70 n-pap and don't care for the stock, to thick. I can take it off and belt sand it thinner but wondering stock other stocks will for this gun. Options don't think standard AK stocks will fit this platform.