Biodiversity 2020: A strategy for England’s wildlife and ecosystem services

There is potential to expand and establish new markets and financing approaches for nature s services. The indicators show progress towards the vision set out in the Strategy. For many species, habitat does not have to be a continuous, physical connection for them to disperse. Launching three area-based pilot studies to trial new strategic approaches to wildlife recording, data sharing and interpretation services to better meet both local and national needs, working with local partnerships and local centres of expertise. We need to build a wider network of places across England which enable wildlife to thrive and natural processes to be sustained, alongside other land uses such as farming. Please email us at biodiversitynews defra.

This biodiversity strategy for England provides a comprehensive picture of how we are implementing our international and EU commitments.

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Biodiversity - A strategy for England's Wildlife and Ecosystem Services by Chromaticghost2 in Types > Books - Non-fiction, england, and ecosystem. Biodiversity A strategy for England’s wildlife and ecosystem services C M Y K PMS??? PMS??? PMS??? PMS??? Non-print 1 Non-print 2 JOB LOCATION. This strategy will guide our conservation efforts in England over the next decade, including setting our ambition to halt overall loss of England’s biodiversity by In the longer term, our ambition is to.