Account My Profile Site Preferences. These webinars allow attendees to ask questions via chat to the moderators, who cover a variety of FX topics. You have a couple of options to get historical FXCM data. Have an opinion on the Pound? When clicking on the trading tab, the trader has the option to enter an entry order with a limit, a market order, a stop order, a stop order with a limit or an OCO order in which one order cancels another.

Ask your questions on ForexConnect API forum Note for Linux users: We strongly do not recommend to use OpenJDK with ForexConnect. Because it leads to unstable work of ForexConnect.


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The market is in highly oversold territory. Beware of a trend reversal. It offers its customers access to over-the-counter, FX markets through its proprietary technology platform. Its platform presents its FX customers with the price quotations Key Turning Points 2nd Resistance Point 2. FXCM provides brokerage services to customers through its partners and affiliates. The firm operates in the following three major international financial centers:. In addition, FXCM provides brokerage services to other established and developing economic regions.

The firm requires its local partners in these regions to adhere to all local regulations:. As an international trading firm, FXCM is regulated by agencies in several jurisdictions where it operates. If for any reason the firm were not able to pay customer claims, eligible customers can receive compensation through the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. On November 10, , Global Brokerage Inc. Both Global Brokerage Inc. FXCM offers customers access to trading four different categories of products.

Spread bets are commission-free and tax-free to UK and Ireland residents. Traders can use leverage as well on spread bets. FXCM offers three different account options for traders — mini, standard or active trader. Unlike standard account traders who get no dealing desk executions, mini account holders have their orders executed by the dealing desk.

The mini account is ideal for new traders. Standard accounts are for more serious traders who want anonymous order executions and no trading restrictions. Active trading accounts are for professional traders who require the best custom trading solutions. Active traders receive no dealing desk trade executions and are eligible for volume trading discounts.

FXCM has different fee structures depending on the account type. However, mini account holders are limited to executions with the dealing desk, which means higher FXCM spreads than those offered to standard or active trader accounts. Overall, fees are lower with the standard or active trader account as shown below:. FXCM offers very low spreads on currencies, indices, and commodities.

The charts below show FXCM spreads on each of each of these products for a standard account holder:. The type of FXCM account determines the size of the minimum deposit required. Traders choose their country from a drop down menu during the setup process of opening an account. At this point, FXCM asks traders to choose a currency denomination for their account.

Depending on the country of origin, traders may have more than one option for currency. FXCM recommends that traders choose a denomination that matches their bank account. The firm does not currently offer trading to US customers. Traders also receive their leverage settings during the signup process. New traders are set up with The FXCM margin requirements for each type of account vary as market conditions, volatility and currency rates fluctuate.

Margin amounts are calculated as a percentage of the notional value of a currency pair and get adjusted as the currency moves up and down. Traders who use excessive leverage on trades risk getting margin calls and having their positions prematurely closed.

FXCM provides real-time information on usable margin and used margin so customers can track their FXCM margin requirements and adjust their trading accordingly. Customers can make account withdrawals by credit or debit cards such as Visa or MasterCard without incurring any fees. Withdrawals are usually processed within a few business days. The FXCM Trading Station platform is an innovative and comprehensive platform that is designed to appeal to both novice and experienced traders.

The platform provides desktop, web and mobile access. Experienced traders have access to a wide range of customizable functions, while new traders can begin trading with just a few clicks. The appealing graphic interface makes the platform intuitive and easy to grasp. Signing up for the Trading Station platform is easy. Traders enter their name, email address, their currency of choice for funding the account and choose whether they want an individual or joint account.

After entering their personal information and choosing an account type, traders are brought to a page where they are assigned an account number login and password.

At this point, they can log into the Trading Station platform. The key items under the main menu bar are the trading and charts sections. When clicking on the trading tab, the trader has the option to enter an entry order with a limit, a market order, a stop order, a stop order with a limit or an OCO order in which one order cancels another.

The ticket screen for an entry order shows the account number, currency, price and stops attached to the order:.

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The ForexConnect API offers the same functionality that is available on the powerful FXCM Trading Station. This includes all of the available order types, streaming live prices, managing your positions, downloading historical instrument rates, getting account reports, and more. ForexConnectAPI. This SDK is designed to get trading data, trade, load price histories and subscribe for the most recent prices. It is intended to be used by FXCM clients on auto-trading robots and systems, chart and market analysis application, custom trading application on FXCM accounts. FXCM Australia Pty. Limited ("FXCM AU" or "FXCM Australia") is an operating subsidiary within the FXCM group of companies (collectively, the "FXCM Group"). All references on this site to "FXCM" refer to the FXCM Group.