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There are a lot of ways to reduce abuse, but they're difficult. Sign In Don't have an account? Don't even bother with trying to say "hey they have to be a certain level or have to have the account for a certain amount of time in order to trade". I think it would be a cool idea to input a Trade sytem into the game where you can trade units that you dont want with your friends. Does someone know what The REX-type does? Log in or Sign up.

Brave Frontier Japan has an Achievement Store where you get points for achievements and can use the points to buy evolution materials, spheres, keys, etc. You can also get points by selling rare summon units to the store.

Would Gumi ever install a trading system?

I figured they would be harder for F2Ps to use because you need a duplicate. Can agree, I've hoarded over f2p gems but decided to spend some on the omni gala gate. You would figure it would help me but all I've got are dupes and super early OE units; super fucking bullshit. Maybe if the game gave me dupes that I used, then yeah, I'd want a lot of Geminus tomes. Not sure if it's just me, but as an F2P, I pause before trading RS for merit because "you never know.

Well you can get dupes for JP unit easier. All of us are cursed with too many of a unit. That unit can be potentially good. I was cursed 8 in a month like wut with too many Ilms. So needed those tomes. I've said before that the brown books need to be consistently available like legend stones.

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HPX , suitslft , Divinity and 3 others like this. Apr 11, Messages: Hashtag , May 25, Jan 19, Messages: I heard royal paladin players ripped up perfect guards of other clans for fun. Not worth playing unless u just throw money at the new sets and money cards of old sets. MTG standard is the most expensive to get into. Modern is probably the best place to be right after vintage legacy. Mysential , May 25, God arm galant , Musical Nostalgia and randommiscusername like this.

Jan 12, Messages: Rotohomer , May 25, I wish I could say more about the gameplay. Each player has a deck of 10 cards to start. Basic potions and what not. Then a main deck with items and spheres. You can use Gems to gain items to add to your deck as well as a few other effects.

Mar 3, Messages: Chobits , May 25, Jan 6, Messages: EoTN , May 25, Apr 29, Messages: This is gonna be awesome. Yes, I love TCGames!!

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I think Brave Frontier should implement a type of trading system so that you can trade units with people on your friends list. I know this could be dumb because of people making multiple accounts to trade the same units, or friends sending each other their whole team. But if certain limits are somehow set, this could be a great addition. When they finally implemented a trading system it quickly went out of whack. You can buy bitters with in-game currency or real money for about $1 per bitter. People are STILL to this day selling good fighters for bitters each. Trading should only place value on farmable units that qualify as fusion materials. This way the game can still have lucrative ways of making money and keeping players interested. They want us to buy units and i am fine with that but the trading system should ultimately favor the players by .