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Led team of enforcement and risk personnel. Documented how the following applications will be used in the hedge fund initiative: As part of my application process, what standard tests must I pass? Very analytical and creative in solving data problems i. How would you describe the pace of work at Pacific Gas and Electric Comp Filter through thousands of directory listings to get detailed specifications on solutions that could work for you. OpenLink Endur knowledge or experience.

Simplify and streamline your business with Openlink Endur, our award-winning energy trading and risk management (ETRM) solution. Voted best overall ETRM platform in the industry by the Energy Risk Software Rankings, this front- to back-office solution covers the full range of commodities and derivatives across your business.

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Our solution uses an in-memory database for fast storage and retrieval of massive amounts of data. This ensures the Openlink solution scales as you add more users, counterparties, asset classes and as transaction volumes grow, and is able to deliver aggregated real-time position reporting for the largest trading operations. Firms are paying much more attention to stress testing — modeling hypothetical scenarios to evaluate the impact of possible future events.

And they are looking to model increasingly complex scenarios to better understand their liquidity, credit and market risks under a much wider range of circumstances. The Openlink solution provides extensive stress testing functionality enabling you to model complex scenarios with a wide range of input factors. Our simulation engine provides a powerful and consistent application of risk factor shocks regardless of market.

Risk can be attributed to hypothetical movements of any magnitude including FX rates, commodities and interest rates. Using Openlink you get a better understanding of seen and unforeseen liquidity, credit, operational, market and other risks impacting your business. Errors that arise in transferring data between systems need to be corrected introducing delays for users; for a trader or risk manager who wants to see trading positions in real-time this can be critical.

This removes errors that arise in transferring data between systems and ensures that traders and risk managers can see correct up-to-date positions at all times. This also eliminates a lot of the reconciliation work that typically goes on between the front to back office. To learn more about how Openlink Solutions can work to improve ROI and streamline operations in your business, contact us for a free consultation or no obligation demo.

Treasury Bank Treasury Corporate Treasury. Products Cloud Platform Software. Home Solutions Products Software Endur. Energy and commodities trading software. A consolidated physical to financial view across the entire enterprise Simplify and streamline your business with Openlink Endur, our award-winning energy trading and risk management ETRM solution. Openlink Endur helps organizations: Reduce time spent on back-office processing. Automate from front to back office with straight-through processing.

Reduce time spent on reconciliations. Provide a single source of the truth. Power decision-making through real-time position and performance data. Tap new markets quickly — users can scale to trade new asset classes and types quickly and cost-effectively.

Includes all counterparty and internal business unit information via security-based privileges. Back Office and Operations. Value Delivered Measure hedge effectiveness Effective regulatory compliance Better decision making Understand risk exposure A single solution.

Measure hedge effectiveness and minimize earnings volatility Challenge. Your privacy is important to us. Openlink will not disclose your email address to any third parties. Tasked with documentation deliverables for the Latent Zero asset management front office trade order management system. Integration documentation for JP Morgan and Salerio stock trading algorithm tools for both asset and funding desk.

Created test cases, test plans for Charles River compliance rules for the algorithm tools. Documenting all asset classes and instruments that portfolio managers and trade desks will be trading. Reconciliation from trade order management system to portfolio accounting system Advent Geneva.

Documented trade order lifecycle for all instruments: Responsible for business user review sessions, requirements gathering, UAT test scripts, gap analysis, data consolidation, benchmarks, metrics and attributes for Automated Positions Reporting.

Responsible for writing specifications to build data store, data assumptions, Dimensions, data fields specific to entity hedge group , deal information fields Market vs. Charles River CRD gap analysis review sessions for order management selection. Charles River compliance module for Money Market fund and Rule 2a-7, eligible securities, ratings and alerts, warnings and exceptions documentation. Managed project from initiation to close.

Effectively use PMO Project Management Office methodology to initiate, design, build, test, implement and close on capital budget expenditure projects, successfully and on time, while analyzing risk and issue impact on the project.

Straight-through processing project on Asset and Funding Desks. Reference data workflows, FAS for Hedge effectiveness testing, securitization and structured products and Derivatives Solution. Cedit derivatives, commodities, futures, options, FX.

Developed applications to track risk exposure, trading positions, algorithmic models designed to capture best execution; and Monte Carlo simulations, arbitrage, and spreads and due diligence for traders on the Foreign Exchange trading desk. Utilized Excel spreadsheets and real-time trading floor applications such as Devon, Sun-Gard, DTN, Bloomberg and Reuters to manage risk exposure for the foreign currency trading room.

Communicated with trading partners through e-mail and spreadsheet reports for trade reconciliation. Developed reports and Excel queries of Fixed Income securities trading and processing with emphasis on US Government securities both outright and Repo for bank management.

Performed analysis on historical trade position data, trading trends and tendencies and opposing trade positions for fraud detection and trading limit violations. Clarified the responsibilities of both dealers and brokers regarding collateral substitutions in Repo transactions and promoted best practices in the Repo markets for the bank.

Successfully led and managed included extensive report creation of out-trades, trading and security violations. Responsible for investigative reporting, trading floor access and security, creation of passwords and security profiles.

Led team of enforcement and risk personnel. Developed applications to track risk exposure, trading positions, arbitrage, and spreads and due diligence for traders on the Foreign Exchange trading desk.

Full trade lifecycle knowledge, particularly client-facing with Front Office, Middle Office and Operations, and Back Office accounting. Trade capture and risk management system Openlink Endur as the system of record for Natural Gas financial and physical trading.

The physical gas trading consisted of transport and storage deals. Created custom instrument types in Endur in the user-defined interface which allows for separation of similar deal types. Very analytical and creative in solving data problems i.

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A consolidated physical to financial view across the entire enterprise

OpenLink’s trading, risk management, and operations processing system allows users to see more, do more, and make more. Endur links front, middle, and back offices with functionality that was designed to cover the entire energy transaction life cycle. Choose business IT software and services with confidence. Read verified OpenLink Trading Platforms System Software Reviews from the IT community. Portfolio and Investment Management trading and order management systems, OpenLink Endur, gMotion, Allegro, Zai*Net, Triple Point, energy trading risk management systems Senior Business Analyst. Sophis, Murex, Calypso, Charles River, Wall Street Systems, Trema, SAP accounting, SunGard, Latent Zero and Advent Geneva.