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Download's advanced desktop trading platform and take your trading to the next level. Account Login Open an Account; Search Login; Open An Account Spot Gold and Silver contracts are not subject to regulation under the U.S. Commodity Exchange .

Trade #1--EUR/USD, 1 Mini-Lot, 3 Additional Trades 3 Pips Apart

You get free access to all the tools required for successful Forex trading — all the most popular types of analysis, latest reviews and forecasts, expert opinions and many other analytical materials. With Tifia Forex Analytics, you will always be able to keep track of all the latest analytical studies:. The materials are provided for the following instruments: Tifia Forex Analytics free app will keep you informed of the latest analytical studies, economic news, Forex market trends and trading signals.

In addition, the application provides intuitive and visual trading guidelines based on the analysis of popular Forex indicators.

A market review is available that shows a real-time percentage of buying and selling traders. Get all the powerful professional trader's tools in one convenient and functional platform! Unknown August 17, at 8: What kind of trading strategy to choose?

This question is asked very often. The choice of forex trading strategy that will be good for you may be very difficult. In this issue you will help the application Forex Strategy from Tifia. Download our new app and you get the tools and features that will help you to trade forex easy and fast. As the process of monitoring and analyzing is fully automated, ProFx 5. Once the software finds a high probability trading setup, you will be alerted in real time.

Trading alerts are provided on screen Audio and Visual , as well as through E-mail and smart phone notifications. The built in Trading Panel makes the package complete. It comes with sophisticated money management, calculates optimum Stop Loss and Take Profit prices for you and allows you to place orders with just one click. Many old school traders think that a trader needs to spend 10 hours plus every day glued to their screens, otherwise they will miss trading opportunities and will not make any or only little profits.

Nothing can be further from the truth when it comes to ProFx 5. The software does all the analytic work for you and provides you with information about high probability trading setups. Click through the screenshots below to learn more. The results are based on our daily trading suggestions and are easy to duplicate, even if you just started your Forex trading career.

Combine this with the scientifically proven methods of market structure and you will be left with zero guesswork. It's true, monitoring charts can be very boring. Fortunately, you don't have too! Trade great setups and stay away from the rest. This is the key for being consistently profitable. As the ProFx 5. Plus, as it is fully adjustable it can be used on many different trading instruments including options, commodities and indices.

Where should I enter? When should I trade, when not? Unlike other Developers, we are actual Traders who trade for a living. And we will be more than happy to share profitable trade suggestions with you. This will help you to become an experienced trader within a short time period.

Either you want to take your trading to the next level or just start your trading career, ProFx 5. It really does make trading as easy as it gets.

The success of our clients proves that it is one of the best and most complete trading systems available today. But you also have to realize that how much success you will have with it depends also on you. Then you will be more than impressed by what is possible with this system.

On the other hand, if you are unable to control yourself, continuously violate the system rules, double down or even worse, double down without using any stop loss, you will not have much success with any system.

But perhaps you already know that.


Forex Trading Strategy is a set of specific rules, based on which a trader is building his trade on the market. The success on the Forex market, as in any other business, is the ability to predict the development of the market situation and make the right decisions. Forex Gold Trader v (EA) Forex Gold Trader v (EA) Download FREE. Forex 4 Seasons (EA) Forex Shocker (EA) EA Boss Full Version; ATF Tronics - Auto Trade Fusion (EA) When I download the files, the download speed is slow and it disrupts in the middle. What can I do? FX Blue - free tools and services for traders. Forex Gold Trader Forex Gold Trader Real Account #2 (FXDD Malta).