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Have your questions answered in our FAQ section. Consequently providers such as Kangaroo Services offer a considerable advantage and certainty to a sender. Save money with OFX and pay a low flat fee per transaction or no fee at all. Topic General feedback Call back request Complaints Questions about recent transfer Questions before registering Refer a friend Submission of identity documents Technical support Other. Use our free currency converter, exchange rate charts, economic calendar, in-depth currency news and updates and benefit from competitive exchange rates and outstanding customer service.

Get the latest foreign exchange rates for major currencies, and use our currency converter to help you save money on international transfers. Skip to content OFX uses cookies to create the most secure and effective website possible for our customers.

Interbank And Live Exchange Rates

Please refresh the page or try again later. Whether you want to transfer euros to dollars or loonies to rupees, this is the place to check live and historical currency exchange rates. With these tools, you can time your transfer, so your international payments go further. Interbank rates, also commonly referred to as market rates, are the official live conversion rates for a given currency pair. The interbank rate is the constantly fluctuating price at which banks trade currencies with each other.

At OFX, our margins are substantially less, so the more you use our service the more you save. Types of Exchange Rates There are 3 major types of exchange rates systems which governments employ to determine the market value of their currencies. Most major and relatively stable currencies employ a floating exchange rate or fluctuating exchange rate , which are determined by the forces of supply and demand.

The value of the currency is determined by market factors including interest rates, consumer and inflation data, political climate and fluctuations in the value of critical exports. Managed float exchange rates. Countries employing a managed float include Indonesia and Singapore. A fixed exchange rate regime ties the value of the currency to the fluctuations of another currency. That service offers a pre-converted funds transfer service. They deposit IDR to the destination bank using a clear and transparent conversion rate set at the time of transfer authorisation.

Where does your service fit into this and what solutions do you provide in regard to the current forex rate uncertainties arising from sending foreign currency denominated funds to an Indonesian destination bank? If any hotel or tour company requests a direct transfer of funds into their bank accounts OzForex can easily assist with this provided the transfer is over our minimum of AUD2, The exchange rate is locked in first and then the client is instructed to make payment for the deal.

By locking in a rate before-hand we can secure a particular IDR amount for a beneficiary irrespective of market movements over the settlement period. We remit the exact IDR amount into the beneficiary bank account the client has provided us with.

Banks in Indonesia can on occasion charge a receiving fee however this is not something we can avoid as receiving fees are part and parcel of international transfers. It is very rare that the bank in Indonesia change the rate of exchange or take steep fees, it is often just a flat fee that the bank have set. That's a very good point regarding our rates. We have taken feedback from our customers on board and as of early April there will be a OzForex Travel Card rates table available on our website.

This will enable customers to establish a clear understanding of our pricing and obtain quotes for each currency pair, prior to application. Regarding our Travel Card pricing, we have positioned ourselves in the market to be in line with our competitors. Our most recent comparison of our competitor rates indicated the OzForex rates to be slightly better on the majority of currency pairs, however these competitors are able to adjust pricing as they wish.

No reload fee — We do not charge a reload fee. Customers should check reload fees on competitor products. Our most recent investigations suggested our competitors charge I hope this assists in understanding our pricing for the Travel Card. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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O FX provides international money transfer services to private clients and business customers. Use our free currency converter, exchange rate charts, economic calendar, in-depth currency news and updates and benefit from competitive exchange rates and outstanding customer service.

OFX uses cookies to create the most secure and effective website possible for our customers.

The Way The World Moves Money is Constantly Changing

At OFX, we offer bank beating exchange rates and have waived our OFX transfer fee for some transfers. # So make the smart move and save on your global money transfers with OFX. *Average savings based on published rates of ANZ, Westpac, NAB and CBA on a single transfer of AUD$10, to USD between and excluding weekends. Foreign exchange and travel cards – a review of Market leading foreign exchange rates and 24 hour customer service, what’s not to like? OFX is one of Australia’s leading providers of foreign exchange services - it’s their bread and butter. About OzForex. OzForex is part of the OzForex Group which also includes UKForex, NZForex, CanadianForex, USForex and Tranzfers. Since its launch in , the Group has grown to be one of the world’s largest online foreign exchange companies by offering competitive exchange rates, great technology and superb service, offering seamless hour access to Corporate and Private Client .