BB&T selects Summit Systems for derivatives processing

A Canadian play on the U. It combines this proven OTC functionality with new portfolio functionality, valuation techniques and reporting. The system combines OTC derivatives, FX, fixed income and structured products coverage with seamless front-to-back workflow, with sophisticated trader tools, risk management and real-time processing. Midas was focused on its traditional strength of international branch banking in the world's financial centers. Combined with flat revenue and lower software license fees, we believe the sale of Sophis to Misys gives those investors an exit strategy.

of Misys specialists. One platform • unsurpassed coverage for interest rate derivatives Structured trading Summit Ft includes a unique tool that makes one solution for vanilla and complex trades that enables system rationalisation and reduced costs. Summit FT .

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Misys FusionCapital Summit transforms existing investment banking frameworks into a simple and all-encompassing platform. Global FS majors work with Summit to boost growth while reducing costs and timelines. The investment banking software comprises cross-asset, front-to-back solutions specializing in derivatives and structured products. The Misys Summit system is primarily a multiasset and cross-border derivatives system that handles front-to-back processing of complex equity, foreign exchange and fixed-income structured products. Product Review: Misys Summit. Misys ships OTC derivatives offering 27 October | views | 0 Source: Misys. Misys (FTSE: MSY.L), the global application software and services company, announces the launch of Summit Invest, the buy-side derivatives solution that leverages the 20 years of .