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Page 1 of All in all this looks like a new fair forex platform that may be a good fit for forex experts and novice investors alike. All problems were from my part and my account manager Nick Gabriel and Nadine Tailor were always eager to help and were very helpful in solving problems. At 4XP we welcome both experienced and novice traders- and we believe that both groups will benefit from forex training I got tips and advice from me.

Forex Place Ltd., or 4XP as it is more popular, is a global forex broker offering a unique feature: the so-called Protected account. This is an account type that lets clients trade % risk-free for a period of 30 days.

How To Get The Forex Bonus

Yesterday I got my dollar profit from 4xp. I want to give specially thanks to my account manager Micheal Richards for his great dealas and tips. I really appreciate the Live Chat feature which grants me immediate access to expert advice from their support team.

Sometimes, trading can be quite scary and confusing but their experts have managed to answer all my questions diligently. Great reliable broker, I have used 4xp. I just wish the market was more predictable. Everything that I needed to know in order to trade like asset type, market price, rate of return and the expiration time can be seen at one glance in a simple tabular format.

There have some honest and productive staff such as Mrs. I got tips and advice from me. She is really honest lady. However, this account type comes with floating spreads only. There I think you should continue with this account type at the moment and in the future to make an upgrade once you have sufficient funds. Regarding my previous post on 21 July , I apologies to my account manager Naser Alsayegh for the misunderstanding and thanks for your kind support.

This company is very deceitful and full of surprises! I never had any experience with the forex market before, this was my first encounter with this type of market. I later studied many weeks on it and then deceided to try out their demo account to see what it was like. The customer service person gave me a call and said she saw my account and that she had never seen anybody making so much money that quick.

So she told me to invest money into a live account and I that I would be trainned by one of their special account manager to perfected my skills so that I could make more money. And If I didn't like the trainning I could pull my money out any time.

After much thought, I deceide to try out the live account. I was introduce to an account manager who later show me a few tips.

I was then encourage to trade immediately, because she said I was very much prepared now. We have decided to delete your trades as a result of arbitrage. I hope that this will suffice.

I traded just one currency pair most of the time. Now I can see that 4xp. Oct 18, Messages: Hard earned because they have to trade against this unethical trader. Even if you manage to make profit, they have all the aces up their sleeves, to frustrate you from taking your money. Dear Abu, quit 4xp immediately and start your trading with good and sincere trading platforms which are plenty.

My money is not refunded for past three months. Investment in 4xp is a waste You can as well throw your money down the drains. That is my personal experience and more of them found in all neutral forums like this one. Ask for your money and stay off from 4xp. I decided to quit 4XP.

I already sent them withdrawal request. Just waiting for my money back. Oct 3, Messages: If you violate clearly defined trading rules, then the broker has the right to cancel trades. Arbitrage seems to be the catch-all phrase to delete perfectly legitimate trading that is too profitable. A broker OWES you an explanation if they decide they don't owe you money. If they won't explain exactly why the trades are canceled, then they probably don't have a good reason.

If you haven't left them a 1 star review, now would be a good time to do it. Make sure to mention how they took your money and wouldn't explain why. That's an instant giant red flag against opening an account with a broker in my book. They have an official customer service representative who does nothing more than lip service and blames clients. I lost my money on closure of my account, while they procrastinate the issue, frustrating me with foolish and stupid demands.

Now, they have asked for my bank statement to prove that I have deposited money to trade! Is it perceivable that they allowed me trading without receiving the deposit? Now after providing bank statement, they inform that my statement could have been edited!

After reading your mail, I felt that nothing worse could ever happen to a client, more than your issue. How much pain and tension you would have undergone to make this profit? They deleted my good trades. I was trying to withdraw my money a month ago but I am waiting and sending them e-mails. I do not know how to return my money.

I see some comments here about "not being able to withdraw money. At 4XP, we adhere to the highest quality customer support and transparency. Our committed team of experts would never withhold a trader's hard earned money nor would we ever delete your "good trades. I will ask you again to send me an email so i can take care of your inconveniences immediately.

I can not withdraw my money. I started to sent a withdrawal requests three months ago. They do not respond for e-mails. They treat me anything from they Chris mast bonus scheme, cant withdraw any money from them. To withdraw money I must trade at least lot with they huge spread 70 pips. Michael Richards got my details and continuously phoned.

He talked me into giving my credit card details and said he would take from my account. I asked him what his name was he was very hesitant giving his name the call was disconnected then he phoned said he was disconnected and said his name was michael richards.

I becacame suspicious when my credit card account showed he had taken more than the agreed amount. I ran interned search to see there were alot of complaints about 4xp.

I wasnt surprised the way richards had pushed me to give credit card details. I wrote several email asking for a refund they did not reply for several weeks. Eventualy richards phoned he was very emotional panicking he was desperate for his comission. He tried everything to talk me out of withdrawing the money.

Then he said he would return the money the next day. That was a month ago and the company will not respond to the many emails asking for refund.

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4xp is a great broker. i deposited 10k, i got bonus and the service is great, so far my acc is at 18k and i already withdrew 3k 0 • 0 replies • Reply • Share. 4XP Forex Broker — Forex broker information for 4XP, find the latest trader's reviews for 4XP, get the details and information about advantages and disadvantages of this Forex / Full information about 4XP including forex rating, traders reviews and latest 4XP news on gestomedula.tk