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ACI education is recognised globally, and mandated by employers across many countries as the certification of choice for front, middle and back office staff within Treasury. ACI offers 3 tiers of certification – introductory level, advanced level and expert level, as well as continuous learning options.

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ACI Dealing Certificate The ACI Dealing Certificate is a foundation programme that allows candidates to acquire a working knowledge of the structure and operation of the major foreign exchange and money markets,application of the fundamental mathematics used in these markets, core products (cash, forwards and derivatives) and basic skills. To verify the certification of an individual, secure directly from the individual their original ACI-issued wallet card displaying the certified individual’s name as it appears in the ACI certified personnel database and their ID Number on the front. ACI offers certification programs designed to form a minimum qualification for personnel employed within the concrete construction industry. Certification examinations and optional training courses are conducted through an international network of over Sponsoring Groups.