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Interested in your opinion on an advisor written for investment funds Mikle-s , Sep 1, Trader Home Sep 13, at 5: Mohlomi Seitlheko September 13, at The price action fakey setup I traded in this video is a contrarian approach to trading the markets. Uzzal Baidya September 2, at 5: In this case, it was a bullish Fakey buy signal that formed at a key support level, following a move lower. All you need are your eyes and a bit of price action analysis of candlesticks Time frames:

Aug 20,  · The price action fakey setup I traded in this video is a contrarian approach to trading the markets. While we are trading a contrarian setup we still want to trade the forex fakey in the direction of the dominant trend.

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Discussion in ' Has anyone heard of? This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Nial Fuller Price action forex education method Discussion in ' Has anyone heard of? Feb 6, Messages: Unless you work for Nial, or even if you do, but just didn't bother to do research , please read the following article. Chris also has a series of articles on Nial's foremost strategy, just look to the most popular articles on his site about the "Pin Bar Entry" THIS is about the "contest" Nial supposedly "won", with a broker he has a long-time contract with https: PS Chris DOES provide a 3rd party verified record of his live trades; as do the trading instructors mentioned in the Giants section of this website.

Aug 2, Messages: Feb 9, Messages: I bought Nial Fuller's course a year ago March By the end of I realised that his course did not come up to scratch because waiting for the candle signals to appear meant I was missing strategic moves. Then I stumbled across Chris Capre's website, looked at the free stuff first and that on its own, won hands down over Nial Fuller's course. So I bought Chris's course.

But my reason for writing is because I would concur with the description of 'charlatan' and I will also go so far as to say he is 1 a liar 2 a fraud 3 has absolutely no integrity at all.

I put up a post on his website, asking him to put up the trades he made that won him the competition. Eventually the post was removed. So I put it up again. Eventually he put up a link to his trades and that link is here: Neither did he make just 6 trades as he claimed, but more like I also made over posts on his live forums.

At the end of the posts we are allowed to put a 'signature' aka quote, so I quoted something Chris Capre had said. When I checked this morning, every single one of my posts has been removed, with just one left re the competition, but my signature has been removed from the bottom of that.

The paid for stuff that Nial teaches, is available for free on the 2ndskies forex website, as it also freely available on youtube. So don't waste your money buying the LTTM course. I haven't been banned yet from Fuller's site, but if he does ban me, then he must refund my course fee. Mar 3, Messages: I have read if NIal Fuller also as good mentor and has talented, price action making simplicity, I want more to learn price action but now still like with standalone learning, before as beginner I like using indicator, but now I like with naked chart and look price action and looking support resistance with look history chart on tumeframe.

May 19, Messages: I object strongly to the forced upon me, trading platform. Axi Trader is Nial's platform of choice. He gets a kick back everytime someone signs up and places a deposit with Axi Trader Axi Trader doesn't want the retail trader to be successful. Nial's course, on the surface, seems ok, until you look at it very carefully.

This can set off some pretty big moves in the Forex market. Some of the biggest and fastest moves in Forex or any other market is when a lot of traders are caught on the wrong side of price. This creates some powerful order flow that can help drive you into profits very quickly. Looking at the context of this chart, we can see price has tested a pivot high that appeared at the left side of the chart.

Note the Fakey was formed on the false-break of an inside bar setup that occurred as all the amateurs tried to pick the market top, the pros then stepped in and flushed out all the amateurs in a flurry of buying. Breakouts tend to sucker a lot of traders in looking to catch the beginning of a new trend and the Fakey pattern looks to take advantage of those traders. Breakout trading can work but it depends on the context in which we find the breakout occurring. This adds liquidity for the players who use a Fakey strategy and propels their trade in the intended direction.

One really good way to use the Fakey is in concert with another trading pattern: In this graphic we have a daily chart that is in an uptrend and is completing a complex correction.

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Sep 07,  · Learn About Nial Fuller’s Set and Forget Forex Trading Strategy – gestomedula.tk Forex Trading Strategies Tutorials authored by Nial Fuller. Learn Price Action Analysis & Technical Trading Strategies. The Power of The Pull Back Trading Strategy. By Nial Fuller in Forex Trading Strategies By Nial Fuller on March 10th, | 67 Comments. Read More. Nial Fuller’s Price Action Forex Trading Course. Learn Advanced. Price Action Trading (P.A.T.) is the discipline of making all of your trading decisions from a "naked" price action chart. This means no lagging indicators. All financial markets generate data about the movement of the price of a market over varying periods of time; this data is displayed on price charts.