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For the purposes of the paragraph above. The terms of the Approved Part are identical to those of the other part of the said scheme to which this Approved Part is appended except as follows: Inclusive workplaces We believe that greater diversity, inclusion and gender balance leads to more rewarding and successful workplaces. The price at which Shares may be acquired by the exercise of an Option shall be determined by the Board before the grant thereof, but shall not be less than: Any notice or other communication under or in connection with the Plan may be given by personal delivery or by sending the same by post, in the case of a company to its registered office, and in the case of an individual to his last known address, or, where he is a director or employee of a Group Member, either to his last known address or to the address of the place of business at which he performs the whole or substantially the whole of the duties of his office or employment.

Puts "Put" is an option granting the right to sell the underlying futures contract. Opposite of a call. Opposite of a call. Last "Last Sale" is the most recent trade.

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12 rows · View the basic WPP option chain and compare options of WPP plc American Depositary . Exhibit THE WPP EXECUTIVE STOCK OPTION PLAN. As adopted by the Directors on. 24th June, and amended by the Compensation Committee of the Board on. WPP Plc engages in the provision of communications services. It operates through the following business segments: Advertising and Media Investment Management; Data Investment Management; Public .