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All trading statistics are collected automatically and provided to you as easy-to-understand diagrams and graphs. When I make money live, i'm sending you beer money. I would like to build a simple 50 EMA that send out an email to me when price closed below or above it. Look those settings are: Hi all, new to MQL4.

Forex Factory is for professional foreign-exchange traders. Its mission is to keep traders connected to the markets, and to each other, in ways that positively influence their trading results.

Hlw i hv an indicator but i want to merge it with my EA code, how can i call buffer value as set double variable? Is there anyway to set up the order send function where it can buy or sell in a specified range?

We have I q how I can know the expert with experied date or no please advise. Hi Guys I would like to create a trading robot written in MQL4 that will be able to make trades in binary options, 60 second expiries, for example. Is this even possible? How to create a looping sound alert when the bid hits a specific price? I'm trying to figure out a way to create a looping alert that won't shut off until I click a button on the MT4.

I need it to continuously loop forever until it's disabled. I'm using my MT4 to wake me up during the night when the price hits a certain target, but to do that I need to have my MT4 play Requesting help on finding peak and trough prices and finding the corresponding RSI values. However, I have two questions and I would greatly appreciate However, does anyone know how I can make it so it only sells then buys and not buy buy or sell sell.

When the price is in between the 2 slowest EMAS, it can sometimes retrace and Hello, Can anyone explain to me why a sell order is counted as a loss in this position?

Expression could not be evaluated. I'm receiving this error when debugging and indicator. I'm using MT4 build 19 May Dear All, I develope an arrow alert custom indicator, but there is an issue First I explained the rules of this custom indicator: Stuck iCustom and CopyBuffer functions slow down the price movement on the chart. I am stuck, i think this is little problem, that i can't see because my inexperience, even to search about my problem.

I start a indicator, that plots on chart an arrow from technical indexes from 2 indicators. It actually analizes the crossing of 2 EMA's and and Hi all, I've been wanting to have the ability to plot indicators from different timeframes on my chart, but MT doesn't have this capability built in. Does anyone know of any charting programs that do this natively?

As an example, if you're following the IWCR system, it'd be nice to be able to Incorret handle using CIndicator. What is wrong in calling the Empty indicator using CIndicator class: The output is the following: Hello, I have some problems with this indicator. The the alert only appears once, I need to reload the indicator for the next alert.

Can anyone help with this one? Hi all, new to MQL4. I would like to build a simple 50 EMA that send out an email to me when price closed below or above it. Can anyone can give me some codes to start with? Here is my contribution to the community If someone dont know how to use them feell free to ask. Hi to everyone on this great forum!

The OBOS oscillator's values are calculated using Single indicator with several indicators together. Is there a single indicator with several indicators together? Or some similar setup? I mostly need to see a trend on the indexes even when it is not decided since not the salts and downs make false signals. Did I write in the correct space? Happy weekend to everyone. Indicator Error in WebRequest. I have already added the URL https: Does WebRequest work only with expert advisors?

I tryed to collect everything about one indicator: Hello, I am using the default moving average indicator in MT4. In the data window, the MA values are given to 5 decimal places. Does this mean that the actual indicator value computed is rounded to 5 decimal places? I'm testing a basic MA crossover strategy and sometimes signals are produced even Articles, Library comments Support and Resistance Trader: Expert adviser scans past closing bars and looks for common closing regions as entries.

The indicator helps to find Stop Loss levels. Oscillator based on turnovers Author: SL and TP could be hidden. Step chart of averages. Execute pending order s according to lines in the chart you have drawn before. Discussion of article "Trading account monitoring is an indispensable trader's tool". New article Trading account monitoring is an indispensable trader's tool has been published: Trading account monitoring provides a detailed report on all completed deals.

All trading statistics are collected automatically and provided to you as easy-to-understand diagrams and graphs. Hidden Stop Loss and Take Profit: Stores and implements a basic hidden Stop Loss and Take Profit system. Correlation between 8 currencies.

Discussion of article "Third Generation Neural Networks: New article Third Generation Neural Networks: Deep Networks has been published: This article is dedicated to a new and perspective direction in machine learning - deep learning or, to be precise, deep neural networks. This is a brief review of second generation neural networks, the architecture of The indicator of relations between the two true ranges by Larry Williams.

The indicator allows the user to see the period of reduction in the range of price change, which increases the likelihood of future enlargement of daily ranges. Adding functionality part II ". Adding functionality part II has been published: This is the second part of the article showing the development of a multi-symbol signal Expert Advisor for manual trading. We have already created the graphical interface. It is now time to connect it with MQL4 and MetaTrader 4 I am using mt4 pepperstone using the standard demo account leverage , if that matters.

However, I get the same lot size, irrespective of the stoploss value. Can someone tell me what I am I've created something which earns in every circumstances, instead of crashing in last 2 years. Look those settings are: Who know this template? When I open a mt4 demo account at another broker quite wellknown , I've catched this template attached screenshoot below , it's attractived me quite alot. Who know the name of this It works well in live and demo account when i call them, but does not work well on back testing.

Can Anyone help me on this pls. Am only able to get the first buffer to plot and not the rest. I need detailed explanasion for function iMAOnArray.

Hi folks, please help me as i read the help for the funcion iMAOnArray bur i really didn't understand what does it do, as now i study an indicator and i can't understand it because of this function thanks much,. Everything works perfectly but in only one case in a Windos 7 PC the DLL could not communicate with the server and this function returned false.

How to pair Position Buy and Sell for hedging. I try to pair position Buy and sell by hedging. So do not get carried away by the videos. Neither can be used in backtest and the results in REAL are quite negative when it works. Normally you pass the majority of the news and do not enter I'm sorry to be the only one who says things as they are.

The EA has potential, but needs right guidance from the author to be on right foot, which unfortunately has not happen in my case. So far it shows that it is a great EA in August I would like to continue on this path.

It would be very good news. Although the DD can be dangerous, it might be better to reduce the risk. I will update this review soon. And if is stable i will give 5 stars.

Support of the author is very good. During the first three trades on Thursday and Friday profitable on live account. Very poor results as the myfxbook vendor himself, ea is not profitable on the long term, many losses!

El Ea funciona perfectamenfe, pero lo mejor de todo es la buena atencion al cliente, te ayudan en todo. I have bought for a month. The result is good. Author has upgrade version and now EA working good. This EA is one of the best EA for news trading here if not the best. Just trying a few weeks. Until now very good philosophy, not very much risks and good and fast support from the developer.

I tried this EA on the following accounts: On both accounts similar bad results! This is my first time i am writing a review to any EA!!! I had some problems initially but he came on team viewer and sorted it all out for me. Turns out that 0.

I will stick to 0. Pay for itself in one day of trading. Just one recommendation for anyone buying it, be sure that you have a fast and reliable e-net connection and trustful broker which has not re-quote problems during the news release.

EA works very fast and could produce an excellent profit. Do not start with large volume until you see its performance and learn how to handle it.

Thanks to the author for the help and support. Forex Factory News EA. The news are downloaded from the Forex Factory, Investing. Make sure to add the URL to the terminal settings. If a slippage exceeds a specified value, orders are removed Interval modify orders - move orders towards the price after a specified time interval in seconds 0-off Align the order of, s - place stop orders before a news release in seconds Remove pending orders through min - delete orders if none has been triggered after a specified time Open new orders if there are open orders - open new orders if there are open orders present on the given currency pair Max Drawdown - maximum drawdown percentage Magic Number - magic number Comment - comment to orders Doubling the opposite order Doubling the lot of the opposite pending order - when one of the orders triggers, an opposite order with a doubled lot will be placed.

Number of doubling - how many times orders will be doubled Interval modify orders of, s. Great EA and great support!! Alexei has good support. I'll test this ea for some more and leave more review by end of Dec. Excellent EA and ease to use. Aleksei Moshkin is very nice. Honest, unbiased review from first time user: Aleksei you are the man!

When I make money live, i'm sending you beer money. Juan Patricio Vazquez Kadek Oka Mahendra If I get profit I will post result here. If you want an EA of news you buy other than this one. I tested 7 months, I like it. Need to adjust Input Parameters for optimal performance. Francisco Javier Lucena Zurera Waw best news trading ea Md Monir Hossain First news robot that made a profit also very good support.

Forex Factory is for professional foreign-exchange traders. Its mission is to keep traders connected to the markets, and to each other, in ways that positively influence their trading results. Forex Forum @ Forex Factory. Forex Factory, Tampa, Florida. K likes. Forex Factory provides market intelligence to forex traders worldwide. Jun 07,  · The news are downloaded from the Forex Factory,, websites. Make sure to add the URL to the terminal settings. The EA should be attached to /5(50).