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The business's revenue for the quarter was up Nu Skin Enterprises declared a quarterly dividend on Friday, August 3rd. Data and information is provided for informational purposes only, and is not intended for trading purposes. Return on Assets ttm. It is the top line or gross income figure from which costs are subtracted to determine net income. Nu Skin's specialty is anti-aging products.

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Anyway, I placed the order through my Discover Card, and waited for it in the mail. They covered themselves real good. I couldn't believe it. So I tried the cream and it was garbage.

Same with the eye stuff. And there was a phone number on the bill. So I called the number and said I wanted to send the product back and they said NOPE I couldn't send it back because it was past the two week return limit time. I told them I couldn't return anything earlier because I didn't have an address to return it to without anything in the package - no packing slip, etc. They said, too bad - they can't take it back - it's too late and it's my problem.

Immediately I knew I've been scammed, a reputable company wouldn't be doing this. So I called Discover Card and told them I've been scammed.

But they left the burden of proof on me. Although I disputed the charges, and explained in great detail what happened, they said I had to have better proof than just my explanation. I asked what I would need to provide as proof and they said a screenshot of their wording in their documentation at the end of the order. For one thing - I don't know HOW to take a screenshot. I'm not a techie. Don't know those things. For another even more important thing-to get to that documentation I would have to go back to their website, go all the way through the sale and spend another two hundred dollars just to get the screenshot for Discover!!!

I don't think so. How can Discover ask me to do that??? I told them I printed out 10 pages of people telling that this company is a scam saying the same thing that I am explaining, that there are 77 people all saying the same thing and I am prepared to send this to Discover.

But Discover says this is just opinion, not proof. As a customer and distributor of Nu Skin products I can tell you that the negative reviews describing 14 day trials and hidden charges are not talking about Nu Skin. There seems to be a scam that people are unfortunately falling victim to. Nu Skin is an amazing company that sells equally amazing products!

I started off using the whitening toothpaste and then wound up distributing as well, because I believe in the product that much. Don't let these reviews that were falsely categorized under Nu Skin hinder your opinion of them. Furthermore, the products they describe are not products sold by Nu Skin. Nu Skin is very careful to always be completely honest with their customers and distributors. Don't believe everything you read without doing your research first!

Back on June 5, I ordered trial sizes of these two products, supposedly Joanna Gaines products. I did not sign up for any other products to be delivered. I thought it was a trustworthy deal, but now I see it was a scam. There was nothing in the order process that I could see that I was signing up for anything more than the two trial size products.

I am disputing it with my credit card. Free product for the cost of shipping only. Called the Company to cancel any further shipments and wanted reimbursement. I was told I agreed to the terms and conditions. After 14 days I would receive the product and be charged in full. I would of never agreed to these terms.

I usually am very careful in reading the fine print, It was not obviously clearly displayed on this AD Nowhere does it say that after the 14 day trial you will be charged. Much less the amount. No explanation or to call, no info stating that you actually started a subscription. Very dishonest and misrepresenting the free trial! Just another form of thieves! Ordered a free trial. Got no results from calling, tried an email and that was returned.

Figured it was ok with endorsement from Joanna Gaines but apparently she was duped also. Do NOT buy this. The most frustrated I have ever been!! If I could give this product and company something less than 1 star, I would! It has been less than 2 weeks ago I received the product and this morning at 4: Not only did I get ripped off for not having the time they promised, the product doesn't work worth squat!

Don't order it, they will screw you. Do not order this ever. Got sample and was charged 90 dollars. Called and was told I did not respond in 14 days which I did not know. They also said another one was in the mail. Would not let me send it back so another I made sure no more would come.

They offered me a discount of half. Should receive in four days. I have called for three months and they said I received my discount already. I never got it. They then wanted all my credit card printouts. Like I would trust them with that. I sure hope no one else orders this. Probably the maddest I have ever been. Their logo should be buyer beware. Clearly people are confused on the products.

I mean Christie Brinkley was the spokesperson for it, until she decided to branch into her "own" skincare line. These products will amaze anyone and make your skin soft and smooth and new feeling. I just figured out what's going on here. Some people got scammed not by Nuskin but by Skin Nu from china. Just like a few years ago when I thought I got cheap iPhone, it was fake.

The bite on the apple was on the wrong side. I had stage 4A oral cancer that cause me to lose my tongue and I made it through all the challenges of chemotherapy and radiotherapy on Nuskin multiple supplement lines and celltrex CoQ I still got pictures of my "crispy" neck the part that was taped up and my face and chin that was completely protected by celltrex CoQ10, enhancer and TriPhasic white day lotion. If I had listened to my oncologist, my face would be as black and crispy as my neck that was taped up.

So watch out people for those Chinese imitators. They make everything look almost exactly the same except for when you compare it to the real deal, you can see the slight difference in packaging. If it's imitation, you can be sure that it's crappy products. Anyone who knows absolutely anything about NuSkin will realize that several of these reviewers clearly have NuSkin confused with something else. Look at all of the reviews that say the same thing. If you don't believe me, go to the NuSkin website and try to find these products that were supposedly on Shark Tank.

They won't be there. I am a former home distributor for the company, but now I am just a customer and only use the products. I've been a customer for five years. This company operates through distributors, and I've never known them to charge for a free sample if they even have a free sample. Then it wouldn't be free would it?

Plus, many of their products, if ordered and used according to their guidelines, come with a money-back guarantee. I totally look like I had a facelift. I just think it's unfortunate that people are so uneducated that they can't even get the name of a company right. There are several companies with names that are similar. I would just say if you are reading this, please meet with the distributor or go through the website thoroughly, because clueless people are damaging the reputation of this company.

All I know is that my experience with these products has been nothing short of amazing, and I've used them for over five years. They typically bend over backward at customer service to fix any errors, or accommodate unhappy customers. It pains me to see a company's reputation tarnished by uneducated people. When I signed on for the free samples and they explained it was a 14 day trial period with.

They did not explain if you did not like the product you had less than 14 days to notify them otherwise they were charging your bank account Full price for the items.

When I called to complain it was then explained you had less than 14 days to notify them that you did not like the product. However both products stink. Do not waste your money. I has been using the products and signed up for Free as a Distributor since May I was in the success trip Maui. Now why you do not call the company direct or ask the distributor whom referral you to them??? You must being buying from the wrong companies. Nu Skin do not have sample products. You need to call Nu Skin There are a lot of fake products said with NU SKIN name on it that why you guys buy at the wrong places or wrong person.

If you need help contact me anytime. As a consumer of these products I'm at a loss as to these negative reviews. Many of them don't even make sense talking about things I have never seen the company do. They do however offer a 60 and 90 day money back guarantee of which I've never had to use because the products work.

My experience has been nothing but positive, their products are amazing and the best that I've ever used. The company and staff are always helpful when I have questions. I also love their rewards program because I get to save up points to purchase products with them. It's the best subscription I've ever had because of its flexibility and rewards. I was a reluctant started with the Nu Skin products.

Because my skin had always been so allergic I did not have a skin care regimen. I used the Galvanic Spa twice weekly and Elements skin care system day and night and within 6 weeks people were accusing me of having a face lift.

My skin is now dewy soft and wrinkle free. My double chin has all but disappeared and I have heaps more confidence. The Nu Skin Clear Action range for acne is amazing. Within two days of using this product, I noticed an improvement in my skin. Having used the Nu Skin products for 9 months, I am sold on their products.

I also take Y-Span, which helps you age younger, from the inside, as well as using the Galvanic Spa, which has dramatically changed the surface of my skin. My skin is glowing now and it is so smooth. It's lovely when total strangers comment about my lovely skin, knowing what I have been through! No more acne spots for me. Thank you Nu Skin! I'm having trouble understanding all the negative reviews on this site. It appears that a number of people were not introduced to the products properly, or shown how to use them correctly.

My experience is completely different - having had an in-home demonstration of the Galvanic Spa and the ageLOC skin care, I could immediately experience an improvement in my skin tone and texture.

I could ask as many questions as I liked from my helpful distributor, who recommended these and some internal products for my particular health and aging concerns.

Although I have only been using the products for three months, the difference in my skin and overall well-being is noticeable, not only to myself, but to friends and acquaintances who have remarked on my "glow" and vitality. I am impressed by the science behind these products and the ethics of the company as a whole. Their Nourish the Children program is exemplary and we would be living in a much kinder world if all large companies made a similar commitment to assist the less fortunate.

I cannot recommend the products highly enough for anyone looking to age young and stay vital. Do not order the trial. I called and cancelled on time and got confirmation number of that from them. Personal and Family Member Accounts. Confidentiality of Trading Information. Brokerage Account Requirements for Designated Persons.

Preclearance of Trading in Securities Issued by Prudential. Violations to the Policy. Notification Requirements for Personal Securities Accounts. Annual Compliance Training and Sign-off. Mutual Fund Reporting and Trading Restrictions. Mutual Fund Holding Period. Exercise of rights issued by issuer. Unit investment trusts and open-end mutual funds. Non-volitional transactions and dividend reinvestment plans. Exceptions by prior written approval.

Service as a Director. Code Violations and Sanctions. Private Side Monitored List. Additional Restrictions for Certain Units. Trade Monitoring at PEG. Purchases of Public Equity Offerings. Prudential aspires to the highest standard of business ethics. Accordingly, Prudential has developed the following standards and requirements to ensure the proper protection of material nonpublic information and to comply with laws and regulations governing insider trading.

In the course of your work at Prudential, you may receive or have access to material nonpublic information about Prudential or other public companies. Company policy, industry practice and federal and state laws establish strict guidelines regarding the use of material nonpublic information. Under federal securities law, it is illegal to buy or sell a security while in possession of material nonpublic information relating to the security.

If you have any questions concerning the law or a particular situation, you should consult with the Securities Monitoring Unit, Compliance Department or the Law Department. Below are three rules concerning insider trading. Failure to comply with these rules could result in violations of the federal securities laws and subject you to severe penalties described in Section H.

Violations of these rules also may result in discipline by Prudential up to and including termination of employment. Nonpublic information is information that is not generally available to the investing public. Information is public if it is generally available through the media or disclosed in public documents such as corporate filings with the SEC. If it is disclosed in a national business or financial wire service such as Dow Jones or Bloomberg , in a national news service such as AP or Reuters , in a newspaper, on the television, on the radio, or in a publicly disseminated disclosure document such as a proxy statement or prospectus , you may consider the information to be public.

If the information is not available in the general media or in a public filing, you should consider it to be nonpublic. Neither partial disclosure disclosure of part of the information , nor the existence of rumors, is sufficient to consider the information to be public.

If you are uncertain as to whether information is nonpublic, you should consult your Chief Compliance Officer, the Securities Monitoring Unit or the Law Department. While you must be especially alert to sensitive information, you may consider information received directly from a designated company spokesperson to be public information unless you know or have reason to believe that such information is not generally available to the investing public.

An associate working on a private securities transaction who receives information from a company representative regarding the transaction should presume that the information is nonpublic. There is no statutory definition of material information. You should assume that information is material if an investor, considering all the surrounding facts and circumstances, would find such information important in deciding whether or when to buy or sell a security.

In general, any nonpublic information that, if announced, could affect the price of the security should be considered to be material information. If you are not sure whether nonpublic information is material, you should consult the Law Department, the Securities Monitoring Unit or your Chief Compliance Officer. Material information may be about Prudential or another public company. Information may be material even though it may not be directly about a company e. Information that Prudential is going to enter into a transaction with a company, such as, for example, awarding a large service contract to a particular company.

Examples include buying a security just before Prudential buys that security in the expectation that the price may rise based on such purchase or selling a security just before Prudential sells such security in the expectation that such sale will lead to a drop in price. Prudential is planning to sell a large position in ABC Co.

If you sell ABC Co. If you purchase ABC Co. The antifraud provisions of the federal securities laws apply to transactions in both publicly traded securities and private securities. However, the insider trading laws do not prohibit private securities transactions where both parties to the transaction have possession of the same material nonpublic information. If you are in possession of material nonpublic information concerning a security you hold, you may not gift the security to a charitable institution and receive a tax deduction on the gift.

Penalties for Insider Trading 3. Individuals who illegally trade while in possession of material nonpublic information or who illegally tip such information to others may be subject to severe civil and criminal penalties including disgorgement of profits, substantial fines and imprisonment.

Employment consequences of such behavior may include the loss or suspension of licenses to work in the securities industry, and disciplinary action by Prudential up to and including termination of employment. Prudential could also be subject to penalties in the event an associate is found liable for insider trading. Federal Law requires all broker-dealers and investment advisers to establish procedures to prevent insider trading by their associates. In addition, the Federal Sentencing Guidelines require companies to establish reasonable procedures to prevent and detect violations of the law.

To comply with these and other similar laws and rules, Prudential has developed the Personal Securities Trading Policy to prevent the misuse of material nonpublic information about Prudential or other public companies. All employees are held to the general principles of the Policy to ensure the proper use of material nonpublic information. However, certain employees are required to have their personal trading activities monitored and may be subject to additional restrictions.

Prudential has established a program to monitor the personal securities trading of associates with routine access to nonpublic corporate information about Prudential or any external public company, portfolio management activities, or other sensitive information.

Associates must instruct their brokers to send trading activity written confirmations and statements to the Securities Monitoring Unit while they are in the process of transferring their accounts. A sample letter to a brokerage firm is provided as Exhibit 1 to this Policy.

All monitored associates are required to complete and sign an annual Acknowledgment Form, attached as Exhibit 2 , identifying and listing the location of all reportable brokerage accounts, including those held at authorized broker-dealers and those held at non-authorized firms.

For the latter, your signature on the Acknowledgement Form will confirm that you have instructed all brokers for such accounts to send duplicate copies of account statements and trade confirmations to the Securities Monitoring Unit.

Acknowledgment forms, which are supplied to you electronically by the Securities Monitoring Unit, must be completed annually. This Section specifically addresses the requirements for those associates who have routine access to material nonpublic information about Prudential.

These requirements are consistent with policies of leading financial service firms. Specific policies and procedures relating to Section 16 Insiders are addressed in a separate policy statement, which is available through the Securities Monitoring Unit. Finally, management of all other business groups and corporate departments are required to identify and inform the Securities Monitoring Unit of any additional employees, who through the performance of their jobs, have regular access to material nonpublic information.

Employees who have been classified as a Designated Person, but believe that they do not have access to material nonpublic information, may request an exception to this requirement. Requests should be forwarded to the Securities Monitoring Unit, who in consultation with the Law Department, will review and facilitate the request. All employees are prohibited from trading securities issued by Prudential while in possession of material nonpublic information regarding the Company.

Employees are also discouraged from engaging in speculative transactions in securities issued by Prudential and are encouraged to hold Prudential securities for long-term investment. Designated Persons are required to preclear all transactions in Company securities prior to execution through the Securities Monitoring Unit. Designated Persons can access information about each firm through the authorized broker-dealer website at http: This requirement applies to accounts for you, your family members, or accounts in which you have a beneficial interest or over which you have trading authority.

Designated Persons who maintain brokerage accounts with brokerage firms for their non-PRU positions other than the authorized broker-dealers listed in Section B. Designated Persons are permitted to trade in securities issued by Prudential only during open trading windows. Approximately 24 hours after the Company releases its quarterly earnings to the public, the trading window generally opens and generally will remain open until approximately two weeks before the end of each quarter.

In addition, the Company may notify Designated Persons regarding unscheduled blackout periods. For example, in the event the Company decides to make an unscheduled announcement. The Securities Monitoring Unit will notify Designated Persons of the opening of trading windows and the commencement of blackout periods. Certain controls have been established to prevent trading activity in PESP during closed trading periods.

PESP transactions that are blocked include exchanges, deferral rate and allocation changes, loans and distributions. If a blocking system fails, the employee will be responsible for the exception to the Policy.

These notification requirements apply to all personal securities accounts of Registered Representatives and any securities accounts over which they have discretionary authority. Registered Representatives are not required to report accounts that are limited to the following types of investments: Restricted persons are defined as directors, officers, general partners, employees, associated persons and agents engaged in the investment banking or securities business of any broker-dealer.

The policy applies to all public offerings of equity securities, whether or not the above broker-dealers are participating in the offering.

There are no prohibitions on purchases of public offerings of, investment grade asset-backed securities, open-end mutual funds, preferred securities, convertible securities or any debt securities, including but not limited to municipal or government securities. Which accounts are restricted: Accounts of all persons associated with the above broker-dealers and their immediate families are restricted from purchasing equity public offerings of securities. For information on this exception, please contact your broker-dealer compliance officer.

Private securities transactions include, but are not limited to, transactions in unregistered offerings of securities, and purchases or sales of limited partnership interests. This notification requirement does not apply to those trades for which duplicate confirmations are provided by the executing broker.

For associates who are subject to preclearance, the preclearance form will satisfy the notification requirement. Rule 17 j under the Investment Company Act of requires that every investment company adopt procedures designed to prevent improper personal trading by investment company personnel.

Rule 17 j was created to prevent conflicts of interest between investment company personnel and shareholders, to promote shareholder value, and to prevent investment company personnel from profiting from their access to proprietary information. In addition, it is the responsibility of each Access Person to comply with all applicable Federal Securities Laws.

In keeping with our ethical standards and the practices of the industry leaders, Prudential has adopted the ICI rules for all of its portfolio management units. The ICI rules concerning personal trading are set forth below and are applicable to these portfolio management units and certain associates outside the specific business unit who provide direct support to these units. The following terms are defined for purposes of this policy: Investment Personnel and Access Persons are prohibited from market timing any proprietary mutual funds, as well as non-proprietary funds subadvised by Prudential, and must comply with any trading restrictions established by Prudential and its clients to prevent market timing of these funds.

Investment Persons and Access Persons are also required to report mutual fund transactions covered under this policy as described below. However, non-proprietary subadvised funds may be traded directly with the fund provided that duplicate account statements and trade confirmations are sent directly to the Securities Monitoring Unit, Compliance Department. Investment elections or transactions executed in the executive deferred compensation plans are not subject to this requirement.

Investment personnel are prohibited from purchasing initial public offerings of securities. Investment personnel are prohibited from buying or selling a security within seven calendar days before or after a portfolio in their Complex trades in the same or an equivalent security. Nevertheless, a personal trade by any investment personnel shall not prevent a portfolio in the same business unit from trading in the same or an equivalent security. However, such a transaction shall be subject to independent review by their business unit compliance officer.

Profits realized on transactions that are executed during blackout periods may be required to be disgorged to the business unit. Transactions inadvertently executed by an Access Person during a blackout period will not be considered a violation and disgorgement will not be required provided that the transaction was effected in accordance with the preclearance procedures and without prior knowledge of any pending purchase or sale orders in the Complex in the same or equivalent security.

All disgorged profits will be donated to a charitable organization in the name of the Company or to an account or client for which the security is held or traded. Access Persons may not sell any security short which is owned by any portfolio managed by the business unit. Access Persons may not write naked call options or buy naked put options on a security owned by any portfolio managed by the business unit. Access Persons may purchase options on securities not held by any portfolio managed by the business unit, or purchase call options or write put options on securities owned by any portfolio managed by the business unit, subject to preclearance and the same restrictions applicable to other securities.

Access Persons may write covered call options or buy covered put options on a security owned by any portfolio managed by the business unit at the discretion of the business unit compliance officer. However, investment personnel should keep in mind that the short-term trading profit rule might affect their ability to close out an option position at a profit. Access Persons must preclear all personal securities transactions with the exception of those identified in Section V.

Preclearance is also not required for both proprietary and non-proprietary subadvised mutual funds. All requests for preclearance must be submitted to the business unit compliance officer for approval using the automated preclearance website which may be accessed via http: All approved orders must be executed by the close of business on the day in which preclearance is granted; provided however that approved orders for securities traded in foreign markets may be executed within two business days from the date preclearance is granted.

If any order is not timely executed, a request for preclearance must be resubmitted. Purchases or sales of securities or their equivalents that are not eligible for purchase or sale by any portfolio in the business unit. Purchases effected upon the exercise of rights issued by an issuer pro rata to all holders of a class of its securities, to the extent such rights were acquired from such issuer, and sales of such rights so acquired.

Purchases or sales of securities effected in any account over which the Access Person has no direct or indirect influence or control or in any account of the Access Person which is managed exclusively on a discretionary basis by a person other than such Access Person and with respect to which such Access Person does not in fact influence or control such transactions.

Any transactions in index options effected on a broad-based index. Purchases or sales of securities which receive prior written approval of the business unit compliance officer such person having no personal interest in such purchases or sales , based on a determination that no conflict of interest is involved and that such purchases or sales are not likely to have any economic impact on any portfolio in the business unit or on its ability to purchase or sell securities of the same class or other securities of the same issuer.

Consistent with Prudential policy, Investment Personnel are prohibited from serving on the board of directors of publicly traded companies, absent prior authorization from the business unit compliance officer based upon a determination that the board service would not be inconsistent with the interests of the investment company or other clients. All Access Persons must act in accordance with the following general principles: Associates should not, however, provide the PSML to individuals outside of their business unit.

The associate should instruct individuals who exercise control or have investment discretion over an account in which the associate has a beneficial interest to check with the associate prior to purchasing or selling any security for such account to ensure that no trade is placed in a security on the PSML. If the security is on the PSML, the associate should instruct the individual exercising control over the account that he or she is prohibited from trading the security because of.

In the case of a discretionary account with a brokerage firm, the preceding rule does not apply and the associate must not disclose any security or issuer with the broker in advance of any trade.

In addition, a copy of the signed discretionary account agreement should be sent to the Securities Monitoring Unit. Associates of Private Asset Management units may not advise a person not employed by Prudential, or a Prudential employee on the Public Side of the Chinese Wall that a security is restricted because Prudential is in possession of material nonpublic information.

Please note however, that this prohibition applies to all REITs and real estate-related securities, whether they are on the list or not. Associates of the Private Asset Management Real Estate units will be permitted to purchase shares of open end mutual funds that invest in REITs or real estate securities. Monitored employees of other Prudential business groups may also open accounts with Pruco Securities and Merrill Lynch. These options are not available to PEG associates. Prudential has arranged to obtain electronic feeds of all trading data in accounts with the authorized firms.

In addition, paper monthly statements must also be submitted to PEG Compliance. B of this Policy. This includes a prohibition on purchasing new equity offerings directly from a syndicate member. This prohibition generally applies for a hour period after the release of the research.

If the investing public has had time to receive and react to the release of the research report, the hour restriction may be shortened by the Compliance Department.

The hour rule becomes effective when the research is issued. PEG associates are also prohibited from engaging in transactions in a security when the associate knows that a research report relating to the security is in preparation.

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View the basic NUS option chain and compare options of Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. on Yahoo Finance. Aug 02,  · Updated options chain for Nu Skin Enterprises Inc. Cl A- including NUS option chains with call and put prices, viewable by date. Nu Skin Enterprises (NUS) [[ gestomedula.tkice ]] [[ gestomedula.tkhange ]] Implied Volatility is the estimated volatility of the underlying stock over the period of the option. Volume: The total number of option contracts bought and sold for the day, for that particular strike price.