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The Mechanics of a Short Sale is a tutorial that is designed to show you the inner workings of how a Short Sale works. Assessment We have designed our assessment activities in line with best practice standards to help you deliver quality advice outcomes to your clients. Buy a stock that is up 20 per cent on the day. This module explains the difference between call and put options, and discusses the main features of options traded on ASX, including exercise price, expiry, and exercise style. This course is suitable for investors with some experience of owning and trading securities. Option Alpha promises big things and then delivers.

How options are traded. The mechanics of trading options. This module explains how the options market works. We look at how options are traded, cleared and settled, and point out the differences from, and similarities to, share investing.

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A basic guide to the things you need to think about when developing your option strategies. This module discusses some of the differences in approach between share investing and option trading. We explain how you can develop more effective strategies by taking into account volatility and time as well as price movements. Choosing the right option strategy - text version pdf A look at how you can use options to trade your view that the market will rise. The bought call gives you leveraged exposure to a share price rise, and enables you to lock in the maximum purchase price for shares.

This module discusses potential profits and losses, explains how to choose between the different calls on offer, and looks at your choices once you have bought your call. Profit from a rising share price - text version pdf How can you make money when you think share prices will fall? This module explains how put options give you the possibility to profit on the way down.

We look at the risks and rewards of the bought put, and explain how to choose between the available options. Profit from a falling share price - text version pdf Using options to protect your shares. Put options enable you to protect your shares from a fall in value without having to sell them. This module explains how you can lock in a minimum sale price for your shares.

We explain the benefits and costs of the protective put, and how to put the strategy in place. Protect your shares - text version pdf The leverage and volatility of options trading can create dramatic results with small amounts of capital. Learning the ins and outs of options trading strategies and how to trade options gives you a powerful tool for making profits no matter what is happening in the overall market. What is a call? What is a put? As a stock options trader you can write options on stocks you own, but you can also buy and sell options in the open market with no need to own the underlying stock.

Options trading can be overwhelming to beginners due to some of the complexities involved in analyzing the market and making informed trading decisions.

Options trading is different than trading stock, but developing a reliable strategy for options through education and the right guidance can allow beginner or intermediate traders to take advantage of this part of the market and expand their portfolio to hedge against risks.

Don't stay away from options just because they're difficult to understand at first. Additionally many property investors are looking for other forms of income to build their property portfolio once the banks have stopped lending to them.

When it comes to trading, what separates the success stories from the tragic tales are those who have been mentored by someone who trades successfully vs those who have not received that mentoring education.

Most stock holders simply have no exit strategy to get the results they hope for. They typically only know how to make money when the market goes up, and often lose when it goes down with no clear plan or skill to mitigate loss. With options you can potentially make money not only when goes money goes up, but down, and even sideways! This option trading course shows how consistent cash flow systems used by professional traders are created, defensive measures to protect losses, and how to run trading like a business.

The cost of living is only getting higher and unfortunately wages are not increasing in direct proportion. People are recognising they must become financially educated to move from survival to abundance. Now thanks to technology a growing amount of people are looking at how to supplement their incomes through trading. With a Mentor Education qualification you have confidence in the fact that you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge gained from a credible industry-endorsed program that employs best practice assessment standards, helping you graduate at the leading edge of your chosen field.

The program is for those who want to learn the strategies professional traders use to trade options, property investors to improve who additional income when the banks refuse to lend more; professional financial advisers, planners, and accountants who wish to simply have better understanding of how options work. It has a strong practical and mentoring focus which encourages application of the strategy.

The Share Options Trading equips you with the knowledge and tools to trade. Losses in trading are inevitable. Just as a baseball player wants to increase their batting average to play the major league, so a trader must hone their skills to have more winning trades than losing.

In this course we introduce strategies that successful traders use, the use of probability, technical indicators, finding the balance of reward versus risk, and knowing how to protect an account while making profit. We have designed our assessment activities in line with best practice standards to help you deliver quality advice outcomes to your clients. Mentor specialises in providing professional education and training services to you anywhere, any-time.

We appreciate that learning needs differ for each individual and organisation, which is why we allow you to select the approach that works best for you.

The Share Options Trading course introduces traders to a whole new world of protection and cash flow strategies. This is an advanced, specialised course written by traders who have tested strategies and real experience — not just theory!

It enables professionals the ability to consult with clients in this ever growing field, demonstrates advanced strategies that the wealthy use, and shows how trading is run like an efficient business rather than risky speculating.

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Wealth Magnet offers investment-related educational products and training to its students in addition to a subscription newsletter, but does not engage in the offering of securities, securities trading, or any other securities-related activities. The owner of Wealth Magnet is . Dec 03,  · Options is a huge field of strategies and many of them are complex. Have a look at the free education available at gestomedula.tk There are online courses, explanations and paper trading resources - all free. The podcasts (iTunes) are great and move from basic to quite advanced. My field of interest is covered calls. Share Options Trading Designed for the beginner who wants to learn how the professionals trade like a pro and to make cash flow! With the increase in online trading, now more than ever more novice traders are entering the financial markets with access that has only been opened to the sophisticated investor.