History of New York (state)

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During this period, towns established academies for education, including for girls. The western area of the state was a center of progressive causes, including support of abolitionism , temperance, and women's rights. Some supporters of abolition participated in the Underground Railroad , helping fugitive slaves reach freedom in Canada or in New York.

In addition, in the early s the state legislature and Governor William H. Seward expanded rights for free blacks and fugitive slaves in New York: In Seward signed legislation to repeal a "nine-month law" that allowed slaveholders to bring their slaves into the state for a period of nine months before they were considered free. After this, slaves brought to the state were immediately considered freed, as was the case in some other free states.

Seward also signed legislation to establish public education for all children, leaving it up to local jurisdictions as to how that would be supplied some had segregated schools. New York culture bloomed in the first half of the 19th century: Professional baseball later located its Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. Saratoga Race Course , an annual summer attraction in Saratoga Springs , opened in A war was not in the best interest of business, because New York had strong ties to the Deep South, both through the port of New York and manufacture of cotton goods in upstate textile mills.

Half of New York City's exports were related to cotton before the war. Southern businessmen so frequently traveled to the city that they established favorite hotels and restaurants. Trade was based on moving Southern goods.

The city's large Democrat community feared the impact of Abraham Lincoln 's election in and the mayor urged secession of New York. By the time of the Battle of Fort Sumter , such political differences decreased and the state quickly met Lincoln's request for soldiers and supplies. Hundreds of thousands of New York's young men fought during the Civil War , more than any other Northern state.

While no battles were waged in New York, the state was not immune to Confederate conspiracies, including one to burn various New York cities and another to invade the state via Canada.

In January , Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation , which freed the slaves in states that were still in rebellion against the union. In March , the federal draft law was changed so that male citizens between 20 and 35 and unmarried citizens to age 45 were subject to conscription.

Antiwar newspaper editors attacked the law, and many immigrants and their descendants resented being drafted in place of people who could buy their way out.

Democratic Party leaders raised the specter of a deluge of freed southern blacks competing with the white working class, then dominated by ethnic Irish and immigrants. On the lottery's first day, July 11, , the first lottery draw was held. On Monday, July 13, , five days of large-scale riots began, which were dominated by ethnic Irish, who targeted blacks in the city, their neighborhoods, and known abolitionist sympathizers. In the following decades, New York strengthened its dominance of the financial and banking industries.

Manufacturing continued to rise: Buffalo and Niagara Falls attracted numerous factories following the advent of hydroelectric power in the area. Trade unions used political influence to limit working hours as early as At the same time, New York's agricultural output peaked.

Focus changed from crop-based to dairy-based agriculture. The cheese industry became established in the Mohawk Valley. By , the state had more than , farms. Immigration increased throughout the latter half of the 19th century.

Starting with refugees from the Irish potato famine in the s, New York became a prominent entry point for those seeking a new life in the United States. Ellis Island opened in , [40] and between and , most immigrants were German and Eastern European Jews, Poles, and other eastern and southern Europeans, including many Italians. By , New York City's population outnumbered that of London , making it the most populous city in the world.

By the early 20th century, the statue was regarded as the "Mother of Exiles"—a symbol of hope to immigrants. New York's political pattern changed little after the mid—19th century. New York City and its metropolitan area was already heavily Democrat; Upstate was aligned with the Republican Party and was a center of abolitionist activists.

In the s, Democratic Tammany Hall became one of the most powerful and durable political machines in United States history. Boss William Tweed brought the organization to the forefront of city and then state politics in the s. Based on its command of a large population, Tammany maintained influence until at least the s.

Outside the city, Republicans were able to influence the redistricting process enough to constrain New York City and capture control of the Legislature in Both parties have seen national political success: By , New York was the richest and most populous state.

Two years prior, the five boroughs of New York City became one city. The state was serviced by over a dozen major railroads and at the start of the 20th century and electric Interurban rail networks began to spring up around Syracuse , Rochester and other cities in New York during this period. Democrats focused more on the benefits of progressivism for their own ethnic working class base and for labor unions.

Democratic political machines, especially Tammany Hall in Manhattan, opposed woman suffrage because they feared that the addition of female voters would dilute the control they had established over groups of male voters.

By the time of the New York State referendum on women's suffrage in , however, some wives and daughters of Tammany Hall leaders were working for suffrage, leading it to take a neutral position that was crucial to the referendum's passage. Following a sharp but short-lived Depression at the beginning of the decade, [52] New York enjoyed a booming economy during the Roaring Twenties. The Securities and Exchange Commission opened in to regulate the stock market.

His Temporary Emergency Relief Agency, established in , was the first work relief program in the nation and influenced the national Federal Emergency Relief Administration. Roosevelt was elected President in in part because of his promises to extend New York—style relief programs across the country via his New Deal. New York manufactured 11 percent of total United States military armaments produced during the war [55] and suffered 31, casualties. For example, to overcome discriminatory labor practices, Governor Herbert H.

Dewey signed the Ives—Quinn bill in , banning employment discrimination. Bill of , which offered returning soldiers the opportunity of affordable higher education, forced New York to create a public university system since its private universities could not handle the influx; the State University of New York was created by Governor Dewey in At its conclusion, the defense industry shrank and the economy shifted towards producing services rather than goods.

Returning soldiers disproportionately displaced female and minority workers who had entered the industrial workforce only when the war left employers no other choice. Many workers followed the jobs. The automobile accelerated this decentralization; planned communities like Levittown offered affordable middle-class housing.

Larger cities stopped growing around Growth resumed only in New York City, in the s. Buffalo's population fell by half between and Reduced immigration and worker migration led New York State's population to decline for the first time between and California and Texas both surpassed it in population.

New York entered its third era of massive transportation projects by building highways , notably the New York State Thruway. The project was unpopular with New York City Democrats, who referred to it as "Dewey's ditch" and the "enemy of schools", because the Thruway disproportionately benefited upstate. The highway was based on the German Autobahn and was unlike anything seen at that point in the United States. Nelson Rockefeller was governor from to and changed New York politics.

He began as a liberal, but grew more conservative: The state took substantial budgetary control, which eventually led to improved fiscal prudence. New York remained one of the most liberal states.

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